I've been anthologized by Random House, Dzanc Books, Foil Crown Books, and Pinchback Press.

So To Speak "The Great Depression"
My maternal grandmother raised me.

Blue Lyra Review "Big Dumb Baby"
Though the temptation may be strong, please don't read this as a "how to" guide for making and keeping friends.

Front Porch “Water Ransom”
My mother lived in Oklahoma for over a year without running water. And I share journal space with Joyce Carol Oates.

The Mom Egg “Our Lady of the Crib”
I just loved cleaning up my daughter's feces nearly every morning of her infant life.

The Whistling Fire “Fortunes, for What They’re Worth”
This is what happens when I go to a chinese restaurant with someone equally as evil as I am, and we devise fortune cookie fortunes.

The Sylvan Echo “Penis Envy”
An early piece that later evolved into a larger chapter in my memoir. Apparently, my essay was so popular, it crashed their site and the journal had to fold.

Memoir (and) “The Broomstick and the Leper”
Volume 1, Issue 2

Damselfly Press “Condolences, You’re Having a Baby”
Pregnancy. From the point of view of someone who isn't ready to give up her life for a child.

Apple Valley Review “Pageant Queen” “The Spirit of Houston County” “Love Thy Neighbor”
A trifecta of love for my former neighbors.

Bare Root Review “Rock Star”
I sing in my car.