I've been anthologized by Random House, Dzanc Books, Foil Crown Books, and Pinchback Press.

I've also published in dozens of other print and online journals and magazines, but this is a shortlist of my most recent and favorite work.

The Rappahannock Review took a chance on a piece of fiction that took me a decade to write:
"Welcome to Avalon"

Then The Rappahannock Review interviewed me because they couldn't fathom why it took so damned long to write a story:
"Rappahannock Review Contributor Spotlight"

So To Speak published an essay that made my only aunt disown me:
"The Great Depression"

Blue Lyra Review might have mistaken this for a "how to" for making and keeping friends:
"Big Dumb Baby"

Front Porch allowed me to share space with Joyce Carol Oates:
“Water Ransom”

The Apple Valley Review published a trifecta of love about my former neighbors:
 “Pageant Queen” 

“The Spirit of Houston County” 

“Love Thy Neighbor”

The Mom Egg thought that my musings about motherhood, especially cleaning up feces, were funny:
 “Our Lady of the Crib”

The Whistling Fire liked how I amuse myself at Chinese restaurants:
“Fortunes, for What They’re Worth”

Damselfly Press published this short piece about my unwillingness to give up my life for my unborn child:
“Condolences, You’re Having a Baby”

Bare Root Review let everyone know that I sing in my car:
“Rock Star”